Ask Miss Elliott

I really enjoy taking you guys inside my classroom and sharing my ideas in the classroom. I love it even more when I’m taken into someone else’s classroom and I see their ideas that I know that I need to magpie and try myself! Enter Mr N. He wrote a blog post titled #AskMrN in which he got his class to ask him questions to answer! I thought this was a wonderful idea, so I asked if I could magpie it and try it with my Year 4s! So here goes…


On Friday morning, the children came into this in the classroom. (We usually have a picture from Once Upon a Picture or Twinkl Imagine for which they have a discussion and they write their thoughts down on a post it note!) They were a bit confused at first but I explained that they could ask me anything (within reason, nothing silly otherwise it won’t be answered) and that throughout the day they would be answered! Here are some of the questions they asked: 



Do you like sports?

Yes! I am a massive fan of tennis and football. I like rugby too. Roger Federer is my absolute tennis idol. I think he’s incredible. Obviously, being from Newcastle, I’m a huge Newcastle fan (win or lose, I am black and white all over).



What was your favourite subject at school?

When I was in school I always loved English and German. I was much better at German than French (which is surprising because I teach French now!) I loved studying and analysing stories (although I’m glad I just get to read books now!)

What subject were you worst at? What subject were you really bad at? (I had this in a few different forms!)

PE. I have never been the fittest or most sporty person. I LIKED PE but I was NEVER good at it. My PE teachers weren’t particularly supportive either though. Except when it came to rounders… man could I hit and throw!


How many brothers and sisters do you have? Do you have brothers or sisters?

I have 1 brother. He lives in Sweden! He’s 4 years older than me and one of my best friends. We were really close growing up. He always has wise words for me. I love him and I miss him every day. But we speak quite often! He is really happy in Sweden so that’s what matters!

So that’s the first installment of #AskMissElliott! I have another one coming next week! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me on twitter (@eenalol) or leave me a comment! My kids loved doing this and they asked if we could do it again. Thanks again to Mr N (@TeachMrN on twitter and TeachMrN blog!)

S x


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