Handbag post

A woman’s handbag is a mystery to most men! I thought I would share what was inside mine,  so please keep reading if you’re interested… if not I won’t be insulted! This is not a book/school post! But there’s more to me than books and work! 


Since I was changing my bag… my gorgeous blue spotty Cath Kidston bag had died so I needed to sort everything out and put it into my gorgeous new Accessorize bag that SantaMam brought me for Christmas!

Left: keys (obviously), purse (trusty old Cath Kiston from the sale last year!), Parma Violets (yummmmm, gotta have a sweet fix), phone (duh…), deodorant, hand sanitiser and spray (you’ve gotta smell nice and be clean thanks!) 

Right: pens (highlighters and red pens… what do you expect? I’m a teacher!), kindle (purple spotty thing… I always have my kindle AS WELL AS a real life pages book), loose change (which should be in my purse with its friends!), lip balms (how many does one woman need?!), hand lotion (which smells amazing!), nail file (for all those times my nails snap… grrr), spotty glasses case (housing my prescription sunglasses… ooooh! I know! How fancy!)


Chewing gum (obviously), mints (gotta have a fail safe incase you run out of chewing gum!), Waterstones gift card (got it for Christmas, haven’t spent it yet!), make up bag (housing make up, period things and painkillers!).

Not pictured: a book (always in my handbag but I had just finished one so I was in between books), a notebook (which I received for Christmas to carry about for blog ideas) and a diary (for blog scheduling and life stuffs).

So there we have it… a glimpse into my handbag! 

S x

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