BOOKBLOG: Katherine Webber

Wing Jones: warm, determined and incredibly written.

Book 1 of 52 this year and I got to make this wonderful debut my first and man did I make a good choice! 


I’d heard SO MANY good things on Twitter about this book and had seen it everywhere! All my wonderful friends had ARCs or already had their hands on it and I was SO SAD that I didn’t have a copy yet. I sneakily asked Waterstones Newcastle on twitter if they had any copies and by magic they did, so I reserved a copy. They were bloody marvellous and reserved me a copy even though I’m not sure you’re meant to reserve copies over twitter? Who knows. Thank you so much Newcastle Waterstones, you guys are awesome.

SO to the actual book… 

This isn’t a story I’ve come across before. I’m a spoiler free blog (mostly) so I’m not going to spoil it for you, but it’s original and it’s wonderfully woven. Katherine Webber writes in such a beautifully exquisite way. There SO MUCH description and the descriptive writing is SO BEAUTIFUL, but it’s not in your face or over the top – it’s so spot on. I got a chapter in and knew right there that this was going to be a book that I would devour. As you go through the story there’s no gaps, there’s no holes… it works SO WELL. I loved it. So much.


You’ll also fall for the characters so much. They’re absolutely gorgeous. Wing is a wonderful young woman with a mission, she just wants to do whats best for her family. Her wonderful, complicated family. Her brother does something bad and her inner turmoil is described so eloquently. You can tell the pain is real. It’s not forced or faked. You can hear someone who’s been in that situation talking. There’s Aaron, her brother’s best friend, who I totally fell for. He’s lovely. There’s her wonderfully dysfunctional grandmothers, who I want. Both of them. They’re glorious and hilarious. 

I cried, I felt the pain. I worried. I wanted to flick forward to know that everything was going to be OK. I needed to know more. I wanted to see how it ended, to check that everyone was going to be OK. To check that these people who I’d completely and utterly fought for and stood beside were OK in the end. To watch Wing achieve her goal and get the thing she wanted. You’ll fall for them instantly and then have your world tumbled upside down, but the book slowly but surely build you back up. (Plus Wing has a lioness and a dragon. I mean who doesn’t want a lioness and a dragon?)


For those suckers for a love story like me… yep there’s some of that too!
For those who love a good family in a story… yep, she’s got one of those!
For the people just looking for a devastatingly beautifully written story… yep, you found it!
For those wanting to find a YA story to get lost in… yep totally this one!
For those looking for an author to keep an eye on for the future… yep, this one!

I absolutely loved this. So much I devoured it in a day. Go read it! 

S x

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