BOOKBLOG: Cinderella Colouring?!

I would label myself as a self confession COLOURING IN LOVER. There is no part in me that doesn’t love colouring in. I will colour in with pens, pencils or any implement that is put in front of me… I do love colouring in… pens however, those would be my medium of choice! I have any number of colouring books in my drawer and often get a new one at Christmas. I don’t remember not having a book to colour in. Part of me loves that it is now  a socially accepted thing that adults colour in, but part of me is also like NOOOOOOO THIS IS THE THING I LOVED NOW EVERYONE IS STEALING MY LOVE. I am an adult though and realise that it is an incredible way to calm my mind and does so much good for me, so it must do so much good for others. It’s very good for my soul colouring in because at the end of the day it is only me I need to please with my picture, no one else!

So in pops a press release saying there was to be an old school Ladybird story book to colour in? WHAT? Was this designed for me? YES SIR. How exciting. I will take one in all of the stories! img_2996

These 2 gorgeous books were sent to me and I just can not bring myself to colour them in. I don’t want to spoil them! However I know that if I need them then I will take great pleasure colouring them in!

The Cinderella book is the story of Cinderella but none of the pictures are coloured in. So I can make all of the colours in the story the other way round, or whatever colours I want. How awesome. Why didn’t these exist when I was younger?

The other book is A Ladybird Book of Colouring: each page has a different Ladybird cover on in black and white, with the original should you wish to copy it! I look forward to switching up the colours of some of the old school covers!

If you’re a fan of the colouring and a fan of Cinderella then I absolutely implore you get your hands on this book! It’s sweet. I might have to get a copy for Poppy for Christmas, she loves colouring and she loves princesses…

Thanks to my lovely publicist friend Sarah at Penguin Random House for my copies!

S x

p.s. typing the word “colour” incorrectly throughout this post really hurt my head seeing so many red lines… silly American WordPress!

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