Once Upon A Picture

Every now and again a website comes into my knowledge that I absolutely adore and today I thought I would share one of these wonderful websites with you! It’s one of my kids favourites and one of mine too… it’s great for prompts for all kinds of things!

Welcome to the world of Once Upon A Picture: Images to Inspire.

“What is Once Upon A Picture?” I hear you say.
Once Upon A Picture is a blog set up by my wonderful twitter friend Sam, where she posts images. Every day there is a new image posted. Below is the About section from the website, written by Sam herself.

Since I started teaching, I have observed and preached the benefits of using pictures in the classroom. They are immediate; they stimulate the imagination and promote creativity. Children who often ‘sit back’ are able and willing to contribute. They learn that their opinions matter.

As the blog has grown, teachers have let me know how they are using it in the classroom. Images and questions can be used to stimulate discussion and develop vocabulary, as a prompt for creative writing, a reading comprehension activity (with a mix of literal, inference, deduction and prediction questions), or as a starting point for a wider curriculum lesson. Some teachers have set an image and questions for homework, while others have organised whole-school writing competitions based on a picture.

Once Upon A Picture is, unashamedly, a passion project. I spend a lot of time looking at illustrations, digital art and animation. I have ‘pinned’ thousands of pictures and spent hours searching for writing prompts. I have an unhealthy love of picture books. It was a natural step to start a blog sharing the best.

All of the work shared here is done so with the permission of the artist. It’s important that children appreciate the person behind the work, and many artists enjoy hearing children’s responses to their creations.

Please support the blog by ‘following’ the website (either as a WordPress user or you can subscribe by email – click the tab in the bottom right) or on Twitter. ‘Like’ the Facebook page, where I share additional links and resources, and sometimes run giveaways. Share it with your teacher friends and invite children to comment on the posts. Any children’s work can be emailed to onceuponapictureblog@gmail.com and I will publish it on the website.

Thanks for your support,

“How can I possibly use this in my classroom?” I hear you inquire.
Well… the options are limitless. I have used the pictures mainly in literacy lessons in the past. From just talking about the picture, to writing a few sentences about the picture to once using a picture as a prompt for a short story writing competition I held with my Y6s. They loved it. Some of their stories were INCREDIBLE.

“What kind of images are posted on OUAP?” I hear you muse.
ALL SORTS. Just looking at the homepage now I see: an octopus/squid, a mouse looking at a bookshelf, a time machine, a lighthouse, a family on a boat! There is so much variety! And they are all of such a high standard it is astounding.

“What do I do when I find an image I like?” I hear you shout.
Once you find an image you like, click on it and then it will bring up a list of prompts you could use for your class. You don’t have to! You can use the image how you wish. The questions underneath are an excellent starting point though. Great for getting the children thinking about the image.

Let me know if you have a peek over at Once Upon A Picture! There’s a twitter account too (@ouapicture)! Go over check it out. It’s incredible.

You know where I am to talk!

S x

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