Follow your dreams!

For those of you who have been following my journey to becoming a teacher, thank you so much for taking the time to read about what’s been going on! For those of you who sent me positive vibes, a message, a tweet, a prayer… whatever you sent me they worked!

As my last blog post about this whole journey told you I was in the midst of being interviewed by the head of the SCITT course and one of the Catholic heads in Newcastle. It was terrifying, I was really nervous but I was outwardly really well composed! When I got to the school I was being interviewed in I had to wait for a while (because obviously I was early… no surprise for those of you who know me!). I met one of the wonderful members of staff who took me up to the sixth form common room and I had to do a literacy task – there was a piece of text for me to edit. It was explained to me that there were no right or wrong answers, just very much what I thought! So I did that and then I waited for the interviewers to arrive. When they arrived, I was taken into an office and we had an informal chat about why I wanted to be a teacher etc. If you’d like me to share the questions I was asked (those that I can remember anyway!) then I am more than happy to, just shout! My interview lasted about 25 minutes and then I was taken back down to the reception. I was told that I’d hear as soon as possible about the judgement that was made. As it was a Thursday I had to go to uni, and I was just not in the mood. I got on the bus to go back to town and I just burst in to tears… the relief, the anticipation… it just took over

Cut forward to Friday morning and I was just a barrel of nerves. I couldn’t concentrate. But I had to power on, Friday is one of my teaching days! At about 9:30 I got an email inviting me to take part in the second part of the process! How exciting! I was to do a reading task with a group of 6 Year 3 children. My boss then proceeded to tell me it would happen the following Wednesday! No time to beat about the bush, but also… no time to worry. For me that probably helped massively!! I had a think over the weekend and asked my wonderful Y3 pals which story would be good to do and I decided to do The Tunnel by Anthony Browne and to focus on the skill of prediction – hot in the Y3 curriculum!

Flip forward to Wednesday and I was again a barrel of nervousness. I couldn’t cope. I had an hour of teaching in the afternoon before my interview. I could get through it. Everyone at work was so lovely to me, my friends were all texting me wishing me good luck… I was as prepared as I could be. The lady observing me (alongside my head) was a little bit late, so by this time I was climbing the walls, but when it came to the actual task of reading to the Year 3 children I was calm. Reading is my thing. I love it. There’s such a power in stories. I got through the task unscathed I like to think! I got a big thumbs up from my boss, he seemed to be really proud of me. I was told that I would hear back as soon as possible about whether I was successful on getting on the course.

Thursday morning came and there was no email yet. 
Thursday lunch time came and there was no email yet.

I wanted an email before I left school for uni. It was getting closer and closer. Then I checked my emails and there it was! An email from the SCITT course offering me a conditional place. Me. A place. What. How. I felt like crying. I firmly accepted. I was over the moon.

I don’t think it’s fully sunk in yet though. It still kinda feels like a bit of a fib. But there we have it. I need to kill this degree and then I will be on my SCITT course. How insane. How utterly bonkers. Finally. My hard work is starting to pay off. It’s so so so so good. And everyone has been so incredibly good to me. I am eternally grateful.

S x

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