Half term hopes

What are my hopes for half term? I shall share 2 or 3 with you…

  • Read. A lot. I have a massively huge TBR pile and it needs to be dealt with. I love half term because it means I can finally tackle my pile of TBR. Don’t get me wrong it always ends up inevitably getting bigger because I go out and buy more books but half term also gives me amazing chance to read. This half term I’m going to London for YAShot. This means I have amazing train reading time but it also means that I will come home with more books. I have been saving up since UKYACX for more books. I can’t resist them. 
  • Relax. A bit. I have this horrible tendency to make myself super busy every day in a half term and then I don’t feel rested because I’ve been super busy. I love being busy. I get crazy cabin fever if I stay indoors all day, but I need to let myself just rest. Just go out and enjoy a walk or something, just something calm. I can’t be going mad. This half term has been manic and my life is only going to get more mad on me. So hopefully spend some time relaxing: maybe go to the seaside for a walk. I haven’t for such a long time (brings up memories of my ex, which I do not need resurfacing at the minute). 
  • Start exercising again. I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t barely exercised recently. And I can tell. I don’t feel as fit any more. I miss going to the gym. How mad. Me. Missing the gym. Don’t get me wrong I’m by no means a gym bunny, but I enjoy the working hard at something and then coming out of the gym a bit sweaty… I know I’ve worked hard then. So hopefully get myself to the gym a few times, go for a swim or 2, maybe go for a few long walks. Who knows. Maybe just try and exercise. Stop being lazy.
  • Work on my dissertation. I am going to have a whole load of reading to do for my dissertation and I don’t want to be one of these students who saves it all up to the last minute. My brain won’t cope! So I wanna get some reading done, some of my academic poster started… just something to keep me ticking over because if I don’t do it it’ll be like pushing sand up a hill to get it all done in the end. (I have until Star Wars day).
  • See the Twiglets. This is always on my half term to do list. To be fair it’s on my life to do list. The Twiglets, for those of you who don’t know, are my god daughters. Ruby and Poppy. They’re my cousin’s twin girls and they are the absolute light of my life. I am so lucky to be their god mother and would do anything for them and their mam. I don’t have a sister, but Kate is the closest thing I have to it. The Twiglets light up my shitty days and they’re never far from my thoughts. Seeing them is incredible for my well-being. 

So that’s just some of my half term plans… other things will creep up I’m sure! 

What do you have planned? Do you like to plan or do you just like to leave half term to see what it throws at you? (Obviously I will have teacher things to do and my SCITT application to freak out over, but let’s not talk about that!) Let me know in the comments or tweet me @eenalol 

S x

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