Reading in the classroom?

“Miss, do we have to go outside? Can we not just stay inside and listen to you read?”

Yes. I heard that last week. A Year 4 boy. You have NO IDEA how much it made me smile.

Reading in the classroom is important. There is no other way to put it. To me it’s probably one of the most important things. I love it. I hope I infuse my kids with the love of reading too. The quote above tells me that they’re certainly fans of reading.

So far we’ve read George’s Marvellous Medicine… they loved it. They enjoyed listening to me read it, they enjoyed the work we did on it.

However at the minute we are reading Demon Dentist, and they are absolutely devouring it. Any time we have a spare 5 minutes all they want to do is listen to me read. They want to hear what is going to happen next. As I haven’t read it myself it is so incredible experiencing the book at the same time as them. They have laughed, been afraid and cried. It’s funny, it’s sad but it has them absolutely hooked. I didn’t know they would be this hooked. And I feel so lucky to be going on this experience with them.

I am adoring watching their adoration for books. For reading. For this fantastical world that David Walliams has written. For the humour they find in the words. For the blossoming relationship they have with books. For the existing rapport we have with each other.

Books are transformative. I truly believe that. I am loving watching my Year 4 fall in love with this book. Thank you David Walliams.

S x

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