Freeday: Y6 Science

Year 6 this year have brought on new challenges (I knew my last class very well!) so I have had to keep things fresh. Last year the children loved looking at the adaptations of the animals we have in the world today, whereas I know this new class can cope with something which is more of a challenge… 

We have been looking at the wonderful (ha) new addition to the curriculum which is Evolution and Inheritance (thanks to Twinkl FYI for the amazing Plan It resources for this topic, I would’ve struggled without your gentle guidance!). We’ve looked at adaptation using the lesson I did last year, which they absolutely loved, so I thought for the final lesson for this topic I would get them to design their own creatures and to describe the adaptations the animal has which make it suitable for whatever habitat it lives in. 

The worksheet is herey6-science.

Let me know if you download it! Tell me in the comments or via twitter @eenalol

S x

(Credit to: for the picture!)

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