This is a very short post to give a shout out to my wonderful corner of the YA twittersphere! Every Sunday there is a little gang of us who get together on Twitter to discuss everything YA!

#SundayYA is led by my wonderful friend Rachel (you’ll find her @_sectumsemprah) between 6 and 7pm! I am considerably newer to twitter chats than the rest of the people in the #SundayYA world but everyone has been so welcoming that I definitely feel super involved and included.

So far since I joined in we have discussed Banned Books, Art in YA and so many other things!

Please come along and say hi, join in the chat and share your opinions/recommendations/blogs. We will welcome everyone and anyone! We’re all there just to talk books!

If you want to follow Rachel then please do, she’s over at @_sectumsemprah on twitter and she blogs at Babblebooks. She’s also an editor at the new quarterly YA magazine (@Shift_Zine)! Go give all of them a follow! And don’t forget to follow the #SundayYA hashtag on twitter between 6-7pm! Say hi too!

S x

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