Bookish events!

So… this year I am going to UKYACX AND YAShot. And I’m a little bit terrified. And a lot excited. I’ve never been to a proper bookish event like this. I’ve been to author events. And I’ve done author things with school. But I’ve never been to a proper bookish event. Especially not one in London! EEK.

As you all know I am lucky enough to be involved in the UKYACX blog tour (not only once but twice!) and I can’t wait for a bookish event to happen in the North East, because we’re SO OFTEN forgotten about. Lots of book events happen in the south but there are so many bookish folk in the North… WE NEED MORE EVENTS. So incase you haven’t got your tickets yet for UKYACX get yourself over to Seven Stories for tickets. Check out the poster below for more details! UKYACX will be an amazing opportunity to meet some amazing UKYA and MG authors. I don’t think I will have met any of them! It’s always an amazing opportunity to meet UK YA and MG authors. I can not wait!


Then in October (thank you October half term!) I’m going to YAShot. All the way in London. HOW FANTASTIC. I am going to London for the weekend. So it should be amazing. YAShot is going to have some of my favourite authors and I can not wait. I’ll finally get to meet Kiran Milwood Hargrave (the author of the amazing Girl of Ink and Stars. See my review here: Bookblog: Kiran Milwood-Hargrave),  Peter Bunzl (author of Cogheart, which is on my TBR pile), Alwyn Hamilton (author of the incredible Rebel of the Sands, see my review here: Book blog: Alwyn Hamilton), Holly Bourne (the author of the amazing Normal Series, see my review here: BOOKBLOG: Holly Bourne) and I’LL GET TO SEE THE AMAZING QUEEN MEL, Melinda Salisbury, AGAIN. (See Bookblog: Melinda Salisbury if you do not know who she is… cause you absolutely should).

For tickets to YAShot go here. I can not wait.
You can see the PDF for the event here, check it out to see who else is going to be there! YAShot pdf of authors and events

HOPEFULLY if these go swimmingly I will make it to YALC next year. YALC is the heaven of all YA things. Yes please.

Is anyone going to be at these events? Let me know! It would be awesome to put faces to names! Tell me in the comments or on twitter… I’m nearly always there @eenalol!

S x

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