Free-day: Geography edition

Last year I was asked to do a bit of UK Geography with Year 5… and I thought it would be interesting to focus on some physical landmarks for a lesson or 2.

We first started by talking about the different parts of the UK – could they identify where England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales were? Did they know the capital cities of these places? Could they find them on a blank map? (We got into the UK/GB/BI debate, which I then had to look up and come back to them on the next lesson!) Then we moved onto some atlas work, finding places in the atlas… looking for mountains and rivers near these places.

Then in the second lesson we moved onto these landmarks that I found. I gave them the list of names of the landmarks and they had an iPad between 2. They researched where the landmarks were and then they cut and stuck the landmark around the map, drawing an arrow to where they were situated.

It was an excellent activity which integrated ICT, researching skills and geography. The kids loved it. I even got a note from one of the parents saying that when they went on holiday to Wales her son wanted to go check out the landmark for himself! He took a selfie in front of it and everything. It was nice to see that learning didn’t stop at the classroom door.

Here it is! UK Landmarks sheet!

Hope it’s useful! Let me know if you download it: either by commenting or tweet me @eenalol!

S x