First week back madness!

Here we are, the first (half) week done of back to school! And my word was it a busy old week! I’ve been here, there and everywhere!

Monday was a training day, sans teachers (they were out doing RE training). So all the support staff were in school doing prep things. I had a few meetings, did some display stuff… usual TA prep kinda stuff. I had a blast decorating the Year 4 classroom (thank you Twinkl for the amazing display resources, and Twinkl Create too! I’ll blog about my love of twinkl in a week or 2… I have many great things to say!). 

Tuesday was another training day, with the teachers this time. It was lovely to have everyone back in school again. We all had a catch up and then went our separate ways into our classrooms to do very last minute stuff. There was the usual safeguarding training and then a whole staff body/governing body meeting about the year ahead and what to expect. The necessary parts of the build up to school. Again another pretty relaxing day, but nerves started to build!

Wednesday is when the madness STARTED. I was in Year 1 all day with my lovely friend who’s starting her NQT journey. We did all sorts of things with the kids. It was lovely just to see the little people again. 

Thursday I had a quiet-ish day. I did a lot of cutting/laminating/sticking. I gave myself the job of renumbering all of the pegs in the cloakroom… silly idea! I had 150 numbers to cut out, laminate, cut out again and then stick on the pegs. It’s done now and it looks lovely! I’m pretty proud of that. I’m sure I’ll show you all pictures in the weeks to come. I need to remember to take pictures of things!

Friday will always be my day that I have a lot to talk about. It’s my day of teaching. I was pretty nervous. I know the kids pretty well but it’s a new challenge, a new year… I’m not good with change! I’m entrusted with a lovely Year 4 class and we did all sorts! I thought I’d give you a snippet of my day:

  • Start the day with Accelerated Reading: we’ve just started this and I’m brand new to it so if you have any tips then please holler. The kids were brilliant at telling me what to do though! Half an hour of reading later we go onto…
  • George’s Marvellous Medicine fun: I’m using this as a whole class guided reading type time. We read chapter 1 and then I asked the children to make predictions about what they thought was going to happen in the story. After about half an hour we moved onto…
  • Science: I’m starting with Living Things and their Habitats and calling the topic ‘Who lives in a habitat like this?‘. They started by grouping animals and giving reasons for their groups. We spent a short time discussing why it’s important to group things and the kids came up with some really great answers. A new thing I have started this year as well is ‘Science Dictionaries’. In the back of their science books they will be making their own science dictionaries, so I will share the key vocab for the lesson at the start and then hopefully by the end of the lesson they can define it and add it to their dictionary. (I’ll share the templates on this Friday’s Free-day!). This leads us to break time… after break we jumped to…
  • Twinkl Imagine: this is a new addition to the twinkl website. They share a few images for the week all with a theme (last week was Sculpture) with prompts relating to the picture. We looked at the picture of 3 Molecule Men and I asked the children to come up with a story plot as to why were these men fighting? How did they become metal? Why are they covered in holes? They loved it. I can’t wait to make this a weekly thing. After this we…
  • Wrote a postcard to the new Year 3s to give them a bit of advice as to how to survive Year 3. The children loved writing a short postcard. The Year 3 TA and I are going to make the children penpals and get them to write short letters to each other every other week. Giving them a purpose for their writing will have a massive impact on their willingness to write (I hope). Their postcards were adorable. They did such a good job. Lunch time came next.. WOOP. 
  • Post lunch we did a bit of sketching. I asked them to go out and collect 2 leaves from the yard and then attempt to sketch and colour them. I’m going to do this every half term. I’m hoping that it will show the children that the leaves change colour. A bit of science and art together! Most of them loved doing this. I had one of our lovely SEN TAs in with me at the time and she loved it. She thought it was a great idea!

So that was my week. It was exhausting. It was fun. It was nice to have a purpose again. I’m glad the year has started again. I feel like I’ve not been off ha!

How were your first weeks back? I can’t wait to share more tales from the classroom with you all!

S x

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