Free-day: MFL Assessment!

Since a language is now compulsory in all KS2 classes there have been many chats about how to assess the children. How do we assess the children when the government have given us a very vague idea of what is expected? How can you show progress when there isn’t much scope given for what progress looks like?

As MFL coordinator for my school I am very lucky in that I have been involved in a cluster group of MFL coordinators who get together once a term to share resources. We have been helping to rewrite a SOW for KS2 French with the help of a wonderful languages teacher from one of the feeder schools. It has been an incredible piece of training and I would suggest making a cluster with schools in your area (we have them for all sorts of subjects, not just languages).

On one of the last sessions we were shown some incredible assessment documents which we are trialling for the year ahead. The resources are written by a wonderful woman called Sue Cave and they are incredible. I thought it would be good practice to share these resources with you all!

Sue Cave website
On here there are all sorts of things from assessement documents to policies and ideas for teaching activities!

I hope these are useful for you too!

S x

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