BOOKBLOG: Book post.

Ever since I started blogging it has become apparent that I am buying/receiving more books and it makes me SO HAPPY. Over the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to receive at least 3 lots of book post! I thought I would blog to show you all just some of the wonderful things I have received! Some of these books have been wins from competitions on twitter, some from publicists and some from lovely people!


This is the big pile that I am going to tell you all about! How I acquired them, what they are etc!

Book post #1: Picture books via a wonderful publicist, Sarah.

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I have become friends with Sarah (@LovelyStrumpet) on Twitter and we have bonded over our love of children’s books. I was very lucky when she said she wanted to send me a parcel filled with children’s books. In the parcel was:

  • Pass It On – Sophy Henn
  • This Is Not A Bedtime Story – Will Mabbitt and Fred Blunt
  • Max and Bird – Ed Vere
  • The Bumblebear – Nadia Shireen
  • Odd Bods – Steven Butler and Jarvis
  • This is the story of Alison Hubble – Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman
  • The Wolf Who Cried Boy – James O’Neill and Russell Ayto

I can’t wait to take these all into school and read to the kids! I’ve read them (and so has my mam. Her fave is Max and Bird) and they all made me chuckle. I love kids books. They’re such wonderous little things. I could recommend all of them. They’re all wonderful!

Book Post #2: Competition win on twitter

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I love a competition on Twitter! I will enter them all! I was very lucky when I won a competition from @pbooksblogger. There was the chance to win They All Saw A Cat by Brendan Wenzel and lucky little me won it! This book is so beautifully illustrated and it’s another one that I can not wait to take to school. It’s a very good repetitive book so it could be used in class for extending a story! 

Book Post #3: A wonderful friend!


Since I started blogging I have got involved in UKYA chats on Twitter (I even took part in a SundayYAthon readathon! You can see my blog post all about that here: SundayYAthon! Rachel (@_babblebooks on twitter… who is one of the wonderful UKYA people I am friends with now because of this wonderful community) had won this book, but as she already had a copy she asked someone else to tweet and the person who got there first would get the book. I managed to be the first to tweet, so thanks to her loveliness I got this wonderful book. I have heard such amazing things about this! I can’t wait to read it! I need to finish The Lie Tree and this is next on my list! 

Thats it for now! Have you every received any wonderful book post? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @eenalol. I love hearing about book post!

If anyone wants to send me book post too: to either review or read then please shout. I will be a willing recipient of your books!

S x

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