Matilda The Musical

So recently I was lucky enough to get to go on a residential to London with a wonderful Year 6 class who I had taught since they were in Year 3. (In Year 3 I taught them one afternoon a week, in Year 4 I was their full time TA, in Year 5 I taught them 1.5 days a week and in Year 6 I taught them for a day a week… I knew them like the back of my hand. They helped make me into the teacher I am today). We got to go and explore and do some amazing things while we were there but the absolute pinnacle was when we watched Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre.

Now, for those of you reading this who know nothing about me you’ll not know how much I LOVE Matilda. It is the story which solidified for me that teaching was the absolute end goal for me. I want to be Miss Honey – she is teacher goals. I have such a strong connection to the story. It just has such a strong meaning to me. Everything about me, now and 8 year old me, loves the story. So getting to see it live on stage was absolutely magical.

Every time I go to the theatre again I remember why I find it so magical. There is so much excitement and trepidation about it. Just walking up to the theatre was brilliant enough, seeing the signs I was as excited as the children. And man were they EXCITED.

The stage set up is INCREDIBLE. It was so beautiful, the letters all spell words from the show. I had chills just sitting in the stalls. I was already on the edge emotionally. 13716004_10154177876030801_8846788035079500155_n

As soon as the first beat started, I cried. I proceeded to cry throughout the show. The songs are absolutely brilliant. Our children were lucky enough to have been learning some of the songs during their music lessons, so for them getting to see the songs they’d learnt sang on stage absolutely blew some of their minds. Some of the stand out songs are ‘School Song’ (which has exceptional choreography), ‘When I Grow Up’ (which is an amazing song, with an incredible section in with swings on stage which made me say WOW and cry more!), ‘Revolting Children’ (a song sang amazingly by the children on the stage) and ‘Naughty’ (the song this blog gets its name from ).

It was everything I wanted it to be and so so so much more. All of the actors were incredible. Our Matilda was Evie Hone and she deserves all of the praise she gets. It amazes me (and it amazed my class) that she’s a 9 year old and she is doing this night in and night out, remembering all those lines, signing all those songs, all those dance moves and does it flawlessly. The music was incredible. The staging was perfect.

It was perfect. And I can’t wait to go back.

Have any of you seen Matilda? Any other recommendations?

S x

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