Hello, it’s me…

No, not Adele unfortunately. But me! Hi, I’m Steph and welcome to ‘A Little But A Lot’.

I want to use this space to talk about things that matter to me; in my day in, day out kind of life. I want to use this space to talk about my career – the wonderful, frustrating, rewarding and ridiculous (sometimes) job that is teaching. I also would love this space to be somewhere I can talk books… not just books I read for fun, but books I read for school, books I read for my own “stretch and challenge”… whatever it is I’m reading I’ll probably talk about it.

This is an absolute work in progress, just like me. I don’t know how this will go. I don’t even know if this will be a thing that takes off… but it will be something I try and love and cherish.

Blogging is something I’ve done for the school blog for a while, so I thought I would try my hand at my own blog where I can talk about things I want to talk about – be it book, an amazing resource I found, a lesson that went well (or horridly), something I saw that inspired me… just anything. It will be a great reflective tool also.

And for those who ask… A Little But A Lot is inspired by a lyric from Matilda the Musical (which I absolutely will write about!)

“Even if you’re little you can do a lot
You mustn’t let a little thing like little stop you”

So hi, stop by and say hello or tweet me @eenalol

S x

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