I am an absolute Book Devourer. If there was a title for the different types of readers, I would definitely be a Book Devourer. I read like it’s going out of fashion. And I read for different reasons:
– For pleasure: these books are books that I’ve bought for my  own consumption. I don’t need to share them with anyone. I can read them and then that’s that. These are the majority of my reads. They can vary from very “chick lit” books to YA awesomeness.
– For work: (also known as pleasurable) these books are normally picture books or children’s books that I read in the hope of being able to use them in the classroom.
– For uni: these are not usually very fun. I am a final year student who will be writing a dissertation in the months after September so I will have a WHOLE load of DULL informative reading to do!

My book review posts will usually be reviews of books from the pleasure (#readingforpleasure) and work (#yabooks #kidsbooks) categories, unless my uni books are particularly beneficial to the world (#readingforknowledge).

I am ALWAYS happy to take book recommendations, or have a conversation about books… so please talk to me on twitter (@eenalol) or leave me a comment below about your favourite books, that you’ve read for whatever reason!

S x

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