Bookblog: Melinda Salisbury

The Sin Eater’s Daughter and The Sleeping Prince are magnificent. Melinda Salisbury has an amazing way with words. 


I’ll start with The Sin Eater’s Daughter (as it’s the first in the trilogy). It is painted as a story about a girl, Twylla, who is engaged to marry the prince and everyone is afraid of her, no one speaks to her because she’s an executioner. She’s got some powers – her touch has the power to kill treasonous prisoners. No one likes her, except a guard who comes along who changes all of that. He does like her. But it’s treasonous. She is betrothed to marry the prince. So what is going to happen? 

Twylla is the first female protagonist that I have come across who I actually like. She is so badass. She does not give a hoot. She has a complicated story, it does not go straight forward, but when does anything ever? A sin eater was actually a thing. This story is amazing. You will be sucked into the magical way that Mel writes, the incredible stories she spins inside each other and the characters that you will love and grow to loathe. Be prepared for having your heart stamped on for the first time.

So then I had to wait a while… quite a while… for The Sleeping Prince (the second in the trilogy). Again we are introduced to an amazingly awesome female protagonist, Errin, who has to fight against a lot of turmoil. She makes potions and has to look after her mam. Then the Sleeping Prince (who we already know about from The Sin Eater’s Daughter, well done Mel) comes along and causes havoc. Errin and a mysterious young man she meets named Silas, must become the newest heroes in this saga. 

My instagram post when I finished this book read: “I have waited an incredible amount of time for this book and I have just finished it and I can not get over it. I devoured the words like the Sin Eater devoured sins. It was majestic and beautifully written and there were many times I voiced my shock. I want to read this again and again. Good job Mel! ALL OF THE AWARDS!!” I loved it. It is a majestic beauty. Again, be prepared for having your heart stamped on.

Go read these two book you will NOT be disappointed. They are two of the books that I have read in the past few years that have absolutely stuck with me and I have reread them over and over, and recommended them to everyone! So now… I’m just waiting for book 3. Hopefully some time next year. I’m looking at you, Salisbury.

If you want to follow Mel, she’s over at @AHintofMystery on twitter. And buy the books.

What do you think, have you read either of these? Would you pick them up?

As usual, I’m over on twitter (@eenalol) ready to talk books! Or drop me a comment!

S x

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