Mini reviews: 2023 kids books!

Good morning!

I’m catching up on some kids books I’ve read so far this year. I love writing mini reviews, especially when I try and group them together in a theme… these guys are all funny ones!

I hope you enjoy these reviews!


Stink by Jenny McLachlan

We all know fairies. They’re sweet and sparkly and lovely. Right? WRONG! Meet Stink. Stink is the rudest, naughtiest fairy there’s ever been. Instead of sparkles, Stink makes mess. Instead of being kind, Stink plays pranks. She also eats woodlice and rides on rats. From the moment Stink flies out of the fairy door and attaches herself to his hair, Danny knows that Stink is trouble. She needs his help to do a good deed and win her silver wings – and Danny will do anything to get Stink to go back to fairyland. But can Stink ever be good?

I was very lucky to be sent a copy of this from the publishers and it was whispering at me from the shelf to read… and I am so glad I did! This caused me many giggles – both from the words and illustrations! I love that we are getting more illustrated novels for kids – I know my class absolutely adore them and good illustrations can add SO MUCH to a book! I would not like S.Tink to be my fairy: she’s a bit wild for me, ha. I think kids are gonna absolutely adore this!

Boss of Everyone by Danny Wallace

Ten-year-old Joss’s greatest ambition is to be Class Monitor at school. But she’s about to go one step further. It’s Take Your Kid to Work Day, and Joss’s dad takes her to the games company he works for. When the boss calls a meeting and tells them he’s giving his job away to the person with the best idea for a company game-changer . . . Joss sticks her hand up. And the next thing she knows, Joss is the boss. Joss is thrilled. Dad is horrified: he’s going to have to be on his best behaviour all the time! As Joss whips everyone into shape, maybe they can all learn a lesson or two . . . even Joss herself.

This made me chuckle a canny few times! Joss ends up being the boss of the place her dad works and what happens isn’t what you expect to happen when a 10 year old takes over! This is funny, charming and gorgeously illustrated by Gemma Correll. I honestly think there’s a lot of me in Joss – both as a ten year old and a teacher, ha. My fiancée even borrowed this and she thoroughly loved it.

My Dad is Definitely Not a Crime Lord by Ben Davis

Damian’s family are living under witness protection now that his dad, a once powerful gangster, has turned Queen’s evidence. They’ve been moved to a cramped flat in a run-down council estate, and they’ve all had to take on new names. Then Damian – sorry, Finn – meets costumed superhero Star Kid, who wants Finn to join his mission to keep the estate safe from criminals. Soon Finn is forced to ask himself: who is he, really?

This was one of those books that I had on my shelf and as soon as I picked it up, I raced through it! And my kids have PROPER taken to it… and there’s always lots to talk about when they finish. Cause, well, this took a bit of a dark turn at the end, but it kept me gripped throughout. Finn is a lush character and I absolutely adored Millie. I think there’s some important messages in this about community, friendship and not judging others.

Monsters Bite Back by Ian Mark

In their second adventure Jack, his best friend Nancy and Stoop (a grumpy, 200-year-old monster hunter) head up to Scotland after reports of some mysterious monsters causing chaos in an ancient abbey. And maybe they’ll even get a glimpse of Nessie! But when they get there they find some obstacles in their path – whether that’s the fog goblins, disgruntled ghosts, some very odd loch monsters and even a rival monster hunting agency. Oh and there’s also an ancient curse that spells THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! A monster hunter’s work is never done.

Second book into the series and proper fun. Made me chuckle away. Loved all of the illustrations of the monsters – added loads to the story! Big fan of the writing style too – proper informal, like you’re having a chat with the main character, who is proper likeable. Loved the conclusion with Nancy – she definitely got what she deserved! Also, love this cover!!


Thank you so much for stopping by! A massive thanks to the publishers for sending me review copies of these books… I thoroughly loved them and my fiancé has read them too!

Have you read any of these?
Do you like the sound of these?

I’d love to talk books with you!

S x

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