Film Friday #22


Today, it’s the turn of a few films we’ve seen in the cinema!

A few people have asked how we pay for all of these… get yourself a Cineworld Unlimited card! It’s less than £20 per month and you can go and see anything you want!

I hope you enjoy my reviews! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Shazam: Fury of the Gods

These films ALWAYS get me with their messages about family. Honestly. Without those threads of family, these are just quite vacuous films and adding all the stuff about family and Billy being who he is, these films become so much more. I loved the weird room with all the doors… I think you could do so much with that! 

Rye Lane

This was gorgeous, so full of colour. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect about this – I’m always hopeful that British films are films I’ll enjoy… and enjoy I did! I really liked the characters. This was the perfect Sunday afternoon date film (yes, Rach and I STILL go on dates!)… like nothing too hard to think about, proper canny and a perfect length. 


Honest to god, I did not see that plot twist coming. I was expecting this to be just a lush little film about the NHS and looking after old people… not what it eventually became! The trailer properly catfished me! I was like ‘ah how lush’ and then BAM! What a kick in the face. If you’ve seen this, I’d LOVE to talk about it, ha. I did love the ending – made me proper cry. 


If you’ve got any film recommendations for me, that you’d like my thoughts on, let me know!

Have you seen any of these?
Are you a big film buff?

Let me know in the comments your thoughts!

S x

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