ThursTAG: The New Year Book Tag

Good morning!

I hope you are all well!

I am back with another tag… Today, I’m taking on:

The New Years Book tag

I hope you enjoy!


How many books are you planning to read in 2023?

I’ve set my Goodreads target at 104. My goal every year – 2 books a week! I always surpass it, so hoping to keep up that trend.

Name 5 books you wanted to read in 2022 that you will prioritise in 2023.

SO MANY. I have so many books still on my shelf, ha. But… here’s 5 I wanna get to soon!

Name 5 2023 releases you are highly anticipating.

Really hard just to pick 5 cause honestly, there’s like a million… but here are 5 from some of my favourite authors that I can not wait to read!

What genre would you like to read more of?

Just all of them. Maybe find myself some more funny books. I love a lol.

What book has forever been on your shelf that you will read in 2023?

Oh lord. I’m actually really good at getting rid of or reading books I own. I don’t think I’ve got anything too old on my shelf.

Set 3 non-bookish goals for 2023

Run more: I love running. I found a total passion for it in lockdown times, but due to life changes, I stopped. I’d love to get back running and get back into a routine of it. I find it really helps with my mental health.

Set better boundaries between school and home: I can be very guilty of letting my job take over my life, so I’m trying my very hardest to leave work at work (where possible). I’m very lucky to be marrying someone who supports me in my profession and doesn’t mind when I tottle home with a pile of books to mark, but I still want to leave home time for her, and school time for school things.

Remember to look after myself: whatever that means… whether it’s my mental health, my physical health, remembering it’s OK to enjoy the things I love, being kinder to myself, asking for alone time when I need it… whatever I need to do to continue to look after myself (particularly in SAD times), I wanna try my hardest to.


Thank you so much for stopping by once again to ThursTAG. If you’d like to have a go at this, please do!

If you have any recommendations for tags you’d like to see me do/tags you’ve done, I’d love to see them! See you all soon!

S x

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