Film Friday #15

Today, I’m reviewing a few films we’ve watched recently at the cinema!

I hope you enjoy my reviews! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


A Man Called Otto

We saw an unlimited screening of this and it was really busy! I started crying from about 10 minutes in and didn’t stop until we absolutely had to leave at the end. This is one of those films that makes me really pleased to live in a world where there are good people; where there are people who look out for their neighbours; where people do good things. Otto is such a wonderful character – he needs to be loved just like Marisol’s family could. This deals with some pretty heavy things and you see some things that did shock me (tw: suicide). The ending absolutely broke me. I saw it coming but it still broke me. I loved the cat too.

Empire of Light

Well this was gorgeous. Very much a Rachel film, but I thought it was just great. It ended up being totally not what I expected from the trailer mind… definitely thought this was going to be more ‘woman inherits cinema and does it up and makes it look pretty’… and it ended up being something very very different. This has some utterly gorgeous shots though, and it made me cry a few times too. Something really touching about a film about the importance of movie when they’ve become a massive part of my life in the past year. 

The Silent Twins

This was CREEPY as anything. I am not here for these creepy twins who refuse to talk to other people. It did keep me hooked though and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Fascinating stuff that it’s based on real life! Like as a teacher, teaching either of these twins would’ve creeped me out. It was strange seeing the actress who plays Shuri playing someone other than Shuri though!


If you’ve got any film recommendations for me, that you’d like my thoughts on, let me know!

Have you seen any of these?
Are you a big film buff?

Let me know in the comments your thoughts!

S x

One thought on “Film Friday #15

  1. Janette says:

    I loved A man called Ove when I read it but I definitely don’t need to see the film. I tend to avoid films that I know are going to leave me an emotional wreck. I do want to see Empire of light though.


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