Wednesday Wrap Up #1 – Middle Grade!


Over the next 3 Wednesdays, I’m going to wrap up my reading from last year:

  • Middle grade books
  • Graphic novels
  • YA books

I may share my favourite books; I may share the ones that surprised me; I may share my stats. I haven’t quite decided… but that’s OK because this is my blog!

Today, I’m here to wrap up the middle grade books I read last year.


Now, when I look at my Goodreads (cause yes that’s how I track my books), it is ABUNDANTLY clear that middle grade (which is an American term, I know) is the MAJORITY of my reading.

Side note: I won’t be talking about graphic novels here as graphic novels will have their very own post in a few weeks time!

I was lucky enough to read proofs, early releases of books, NetGalley releases of books and bought plenty myself last year.

Looking at my stats, I must’ve read more than 70 kids books last year! That’s an awful lot of books!

I’m going to aim to share my favourite 10 (let’s say that’s my aim… I may end up sharing more!)

I lied… I’ve got 15… and that’s even after getting rid of a few, ha. I made a rainbow of them… rather than ranking them!

There are HUNDREDS of reasons I love these books. But know that there’s something about each of these books that makes me keep coming back to it weeks, or even months after finishing it. It may be characters; it might be the worlds; it might be the bad guys; it might be the messages. I love each of these books and they’ve got a very special part in my personal and class library!


I could ramble on about these books for hours, but I’ll just leave it there!

I’d love to know YOUR favourite books of 2022!
Have you read any of these?
Do you agree with my choices?

Talk to me in the comments – I’d love to know which 2022 books I missed out and need to add to my 2023 list!

S x

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