Film Friday – what we’ve been watching #11


Welcome to Film Friday. A place where I post a few film reviews every week. I go to the cinema/watch a lot of movies these days (I’m marrying a total movie buff… as I type this, we’re watching Mad Max: Fury Road and she’s planning her 52 Horror Movies challenge for 2023).

You can check any of my film reviews out (just check out the tags at the bottom of this post because they’ll all be linked!)


Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical

We’ve seen this twice and it absolutely broke me both times. I’ve seen the musical on stage twice and I had high high hopes for this film… and I was not disappointed. Just everything about this film made me so happy. I loved the shout outs to the original film, and the shout outs to the stage show. Emma Thompson is a terrifying Miss Trunchbull, and I think the casting of Miss Honey is just perfect. I think I could watch this hundreds of times and not bore of it (in fact I am VERY excited for it to come to Netflix). The whole casting was spot on. The settings made me so happy too… especially the little library van. The songs added so much, and I even liked the one or two new ones that make an appearance. That opening sequence was so full of colour that it made my heart so happy. The scene where Matilda hugs Miss Honey broke me both times, as did Miss Honey singing about her little house. I just… yeah, Miss Honey is special to me.

Strange World

God, I love a Disney film so much. This was so full of colour and life. The whole concept of it being the immune system was so clever – as soon as that was said I was like ‘oh gosh, it makes so much more sense now’. I loved how normal it was that the son was gay and that his grandad just accepted it. This made me cry. As ever the colouring was just exquisite and I think this is going to be one that’s on rotation a lot in my evenings alone!

Violent Night

Loved this! We went to see this at the cinema and had to go sit in the secret seats because there were loads of teenagers in our seats. The Home Alone-sequel scenes made me so happy and I laughed a lot at the scene with the ladder. This proper made me laugh at times. My partner was irate at the end though… this, if you’re a fan of an action/horror movie is mint. And dead festive, ha.


If you’ve got any film recommendations for me, that you’d like my thoughts on, let me know!

Have you seen any of these?
Are you a big film buff?

Let me know in the comments your thoughts!

S x

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