ThursTAG: The Paperback Book Tag

Good morning!

I hope you are all well!

I am back with another tag… Today, I’m taking on:

The Paperback Book Challenge

I hope you enjoy!


You loved more than you thought you would?

Oh god, there’s so many books like that! The most recent one that blew me away unexpectedly was The Frost Fair by Natasha Hastings. That’s a gorgeous story.

You bought because of the synopsis?

Hmmm… I don’t really do much of that! I’m much more of a recommended by/has a gorgeous cover buyer, ha.

You bought because of how it looked?

OH SO MANY. I could literally list 10000s. The biggest one that sticks out is I bought the Inkheart trilogy when Karl James Mountford redesigned the covers and I am yet to read them. I mean LOOK AT THEM.

You will never stop re-reading?

I don’t really reread books very often. But a book I would be sad if it were taken away from me at work would be Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll – I get some of my favourite writing from this! And there’s so many SHOCKS, ha.

That made you cry?


You are nervous to read?

Hmmmm… anything that has any hype around it?

You will never stop recommending?


You know nothing about?

I will say that I go into quite a lot of books knowing very little about them. I don’t know why I do that… but I just do! I like to be surprised by a book. Obviously, I’ll know some basic things about genre and age range, but besides that, NADA.

Sequel you loved more than the first book?

OH that’s hard. VERY HARD. I refuse to answer that, ha.


Thank you so much for stopping by once again to ThursTAG. If you’d like to have a go at this, please do!

If you have any recommendations for tags you’d like to see me do/tags you’ve done, I’d love to see them! See you all soon!

S x

2 thoughts on “ThursTAG: The Paperback Book Tag

  1. fallenstarstories says:

    The Inkheart series makes my list of “most wonderful books.” I read them over and over again and have never been disappointed…they take me every time. I consider them a must read. And yes, the Mountford covers are simply outstanding.
    Oh…and Letters From the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll…absolutely, positively will never stop rereading.


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