S4S – Summer books!

Good morning everyone!

How are you on this fine #SixforSunday Sunday? What have you been up to this week?

It’s a pleasure to spend some time with you today for this week’s prompt:

Books that scream Summer to you

I’m going unconventional here and going ‘book titles that spell out Summer!’

S – Sade and her Shadow Beasts by Rachel Faturoti

U – Unboxed by Non Pratt

M – My Mum is a Spy by Andy McNab and Jess French

M – Moose on a Mission – Mo O’Hara

E – Elemental Detectives by Patrice Lawrence

R – Resist by Tom Palmer

Thank you so much for stopping by for my #SixforSunday post- I can’t wait to see how you guys interpreted this prompt!

See you next week for ‘Favourite book to film adaptations’

S x

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