What we’ve been watching #7

What started as a one off post has definitely turned into a series on my blog.

I’ve posted a few of these now and have been totally surprised by how popular the posts were! Who knew you guys would be so invested in the films that I’d been watching? Luckily, my girlfriend, the film-lover in my life, and I go to the cinema/watch films at home all the time (so prepare yourself for one of these more and more often ha).


Bullet train

We saw this after being ABSOLUTELY boiling all day in York (we had gone for the day!) and the fact the screen was so beautifully ait conditioned just added to how much I enjoyed this, ha. This brought me many audible lols and I just relished in it. There were only 4 of us in the screen! There were so many things I loved about this: the cane being a weapon; the revelation of the daughter’s true identity; I loved Lemon and Tangerines dynamic! This was so so good. I think Brad Pitt has some spot on comedic action timing and I loved seeing Sandra Bullock (who I 100% adore). Bring me more films like this please! This is action, adventure, comedy and thrilling!


I mean, the title says it all. Hard nope… but massive yessssss. We’ve seen this film twice now and the second time round (because I knew what was coming) was so much more enjoyable! I loved the whole premise of this – freaky alien stuff going down; a brother and sister pairing. As predicted, this made me jump a few times and made me swear twice. Poor Rachel has to put up with a fair few arm and hand squeezes throughout that cause let’s be honest, I’m easily scared haha. I loved the pay off of the quarter by the end of the film – a full circle moment is what I live for in films! If you’re looking for amazing films to watch, maybe that’ll scare you a bit, I recommend Jordan Peele films – I have loved them all!

Fisherman’s Friends 2

Having recently watched the first one in readiness for this one, I was ready for songs and just lush film. Honestly, I started crying from like 5 minutes in and just never stopped. This was so so lovely and I just need more films like that in my life. James Purefoy plays such a brilliant Jim. I loved all the songs (yes, I was singing along at one point). The scene with them in the fancy restaurant was so good – gotta love a ‘stick it to the man’ moment. It was so lovely to see a familiar face too. My head hurt afterwards from all the crying. I love this gang and would like to protect them at all costs. I think their singing just hits me hard and that makes me double emotional… so add in all the stuff that goes down and I’m bound to cry for the entire film. 


For once, these might still be in the cinema by the time these reviews go live!!

If you’d like more film reviews, let me know!

Have you seen any of these?
Are you a big film buff?

Let me know in the comments your thoughts!

S x

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