Space Blasters: an incredibly fun jaunt around space!

Suzie Wen LOVES gadgets and inventing things – but her inventions don’t always turn out how she expects . . . And when Suzie invent the Super 3DTV Gizmo she ends up getting transported into her favourite TV show – Space Blasters! On board the space ship with Captain Jane, Spaceman Jack and alien with attitude Five-Eyed Frank, Suzie is soon exploring new planets – like the smelly Planet Cheddar – and meeting plenty of aliens. But when moons start disappearing, it’s up to Suzie to save the universe. Can she put her inventing skills to use? And will she ever get home?

Space Blasters is the brand new book from author couple and superhumans Katie and Kevin Tsang. These guys have written amazing books for kids as a duo and I was so so excited to get hold of an early copy of Space Blasters!

Space Blasters tells the story of brilliant Suzie, who loves to make things… but as you see in the first few pages, Suzie’s inventions never quite go to plan! She loves to create and make and be busy with her hands, and it frustrates her when things don’t go right. She never gives up though! When Suzie is magically transported into her favourite TV show, Space Blasters, (familiar to anyone?!), much hilarity and adventuring through space, making new friends and saving the world happens!

On her travels through space, Suzie meets many different aliens and encounters some amazing planets (including one that is made of cheese!). Her ultimate mission is to save the planets which end up missing their moons – I mean, imagine that, moons just going missing!

Space missions, missing moons and unlikely friendships.

Initially Suzie and the crew onboard her ship are not on board (ha) with her being there… but as you go through the story, you see that they all learn to get along and to have a good time together! I loved the inclusion of these messages about kindness, caring, working together and helping others!

Like the rest of the stories the Tsangs write, there’s characters who all children can relate to and who kids will love! Suzie in particular I think is a brilliant role model for younger kids – she has a wonderfully positive attitude; she’s a brilliant problem solver; she’s imaginative; she doesn’t give up; she knows the importance of kindness.

The other thing, besides the story that is incredible about this book is the inclusion of SO MANY ILLUSTRATIONS. Y’all know I love an illustrated novel and I think in this book they add so much to the story. Amy Nguyen’s amazing illustrations made me so happy!

If I could give this book in 3 words: REAL GOOD FUN.

My Goodreads review:

I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this and… well this was a TOTAL BLAST. And super jaunt around space, new friends and some strange alientastic goings on! I loved Suzie and seeing familiar faces – this is full of messages about being kind, embracing change, having fun and being creative! Plenty of science too! Can’t wait to read the next one – I think Katie and Kev are a blooming amazing writing duo! Plus, the illustrations made me so happy!

And there you go! I hope you enjoyed this review! The Tsangs will be popping by on Friday to be my next author feature, so please pop along on Friday to see that! I adore the Tsangs and it’s my absolute honour to feature them and their books on my blog!

Have you read Space Blasters?
Do you think you’d make a good astronaut?

Please go get yourself a copy of this book – I absolutely adored it! Talk to me in the comments!

S x

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