Happy things: the Easter holiday edition

So… my life’s changed a lot over the past 4 months of 2022. You might’ve noticed that I’ve not been around as much on here, but it’s not because I’m not still loving reading and blogging… it’s just that there’s someone in my life who has completely and utterly changed it and made it the best thing there is. I am so incredibly lucky to have someone in my life who makes me feel as at peace and as happy as I currently am. As much as I’d like to dedicate a whole blog post to her (don’t worry that will come, ha), I thought it would be nice to celebrate the lovely things I got up to in the Easter holidays… because I had the most amazing 2 weeks off (and as much as I love my job, I am a little bit sad to be going back to work, ha).

The seaside. Many many films. Being scared out of my mind. Hugs. Getting things done. Breakfasts. Lots of early morning and late night chats. Graphic novels. Going to the beach. Surprising people with lovely things. Having the very best time. Cuddling under blankets. Going to Manchester. Book launches for amazing people. Chilling and reading. Looking after the people I love. Spending break times together. Celebrating anniversaries. The Encanto soundtrack. Train journeys again. Hotel Chocolat. The people I love spending time with each other. Disney films. Singing in the bath. Cheesecake. Easter eggs. The sunshine. Getting to know someone better every day. Journaling. Colouring in. Watching someone love reading. Being busy. Going for a swim. Wandering in the sunshine. Having time to myself, but enjoying spending time with someone just as much. Cocktails. So much food. Reading all the books. Collecting book post. Feeling like home. Laughter. So much laughter. Knowing that the person I’m with is the person I want to be with forever. Jewellery trips. Fish and chips. Coffee. Feeling like myself again. Lie ins. Reading. Books. Always books.

Thank you if you are one of the people that’s made me smile over the past 2 weeks. I really appreciate it!

Share your happy things with me in the comments or on Twitter! I’d love to know what’s making you smile!

S x

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