S4S – Bookish resolutions

Good morning people of the world!

Today is January 16th… MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy 33rd birthday to me!

I am not writing this on my birthday. I am being ORGANISED, so that I can spend my birthday with my favourite people. Welcome to this week’s #SixforSunday. We are looking at

Bookish resolutions

I’m not great at making resolutions cause fear of failure and all of that… but for this year, I’d like to:

  1. Continue to read and grow my collection of graphic novels
  2. Allow myself to DNF books I’m not enjoying
  3. Read, review and shout about more queer authors/stories (as a queer person myself, this is important to me)
  4. Keep doing mini reviews, but to dedicate space to individual books I have loved
  5. Read 104 books (2 a week is more than doable)
  6. Review more picture books on here (I read LOADS but I don’t always review them!)

Are these resolutions going to change the world? No, but y’know what? It doesn’t matter.

I just wanna enjoy reading whatever the heck it is I’m reading without worrying about it. I want this space to continue to be a place of love and positivity. I want books to continue to be a massive part of my life (and of course the life of my kids).

I’d love to know your resolutions (if you make resolutions!). I can’t wait to see your posts for this week’s #SixforSunday!

See you next week for: Favourite opening chapters!

S x

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