S4S – Books you can’t wait for

Good morning guys!

I hope you are all well on this very chilly Sunday morning! I have been for a run, done some work and now I’m sitting down to do a bit of blogging!

Welcome to my first #SixforSunday post of 2022 (sorry I missed last week… but y’know, I am the boss haha). I’m very excited to see what your posts for this prompt are because all of our reading likes seem to be different! This week, we’re thinking:

Books you can’t wait for

I can’t have ‘all of the books’ as the answer, so here we go… only 6 (there is an extensive list!)

Honestly, this list was both impossible and ridiculously easy to put together. Impossible to choose just 6 but easy because I am WELL excited for these ones!!

I can’t wait to see your #SixforSunday lists! Show me what else I should be excited for!

See you next week for: Bookish resolutions!

S x

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