Festive happy things

I’ve had the very best time over Christmas and New Year and think it’s so lovely when I get these chances to just stop and appreciate the good things (cause y’know, I’m a total dweller!). Here’s just a small collection of things that have made me smile recently… I’d love to know yours!

Spending time with people who make me smile. Presents – the giving and receiving of. Cinema trips. The sunshine. Listening to the rain. Podcasts. Letting go of things that have weighed me down for a while. Hope. The chance of something real. Finding my feet. Forgetting about work for real for the first time maybe ever. Seeing my friends soon! Chatting. Finding things out about people. Friends. Funny pictures. Text messages from afar. Speaking to my brother. Staying up late just chatting. Doing things I haven’t for a long time. Choosing happiness over fear. Going out for breakfast. Roast dinners and card games. Christmas time with my twiglets. Drinks. Lots of coffee trips. People taking a chance on me. Joey’s gorgeous talking. Lots of hugs. The sun starting to set earlier again. Reading. Delicious food. Buying books for people. Feeling comfortable in my skin. Allowing myself time to be a human and not just a teachers. Honest, frank chats. Being able to be honest and being unafraid. Actually showing up and it paying off. People being wonderful to me. Lots of texting. Ed Sheeran. Films. Lots of smiles. Going running again. Ed Sheeran. Books. Always books.

Thank you if you are one of the people that’s made me smile over the past 2 weeks. I really appreciate it!

Share your happy things with me in the comments or on twitter! I’d love to know what’s making you smile!

S x

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