The funny and the adventure: graphic novel goodness!

Good morning everyone!

I am here with some more graphic novels that I’ve read recently. These are from 2 series that I’m utterly loving (for different reasons) and my kids are too!


Evil Emperor Penguin Almost Takes Over the World – Laura Ellen Anderson


Evil Emperor Penguin has a plan. (Another one! He’s a very persistent penguin.) A plan to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Nothing will stand in the way of his genius. Nothing . . . Except for his arch-nemesis: EVIL CAT! Evil Cat is also plotting world domination and he’s not going to let Evil Emperor Penguin get there first . . . It’s Evil Genius vs Evil Genius, as Evil Emperor Penguin (Almost) Takes Over the World!

I hadn’t managed to get my hands on book 2 yet, so skipping over to book 3 was the next best thing! Luckily, this is a series that HELPS if you’ve read in order, but it doesn’t make that much difference! Despite missing out on book 2, this was loads of fun. It makes me chuckle that Evil Emperor Penguin starts EVERY SINGLE chapter trying to take over the world. He always thinks he’s coming up with a brilliant plan… which inevitably ends up not going so well, ha! These comics are full of fun and evil plans that we can just see aren’t going to work. The attention to detail in the illustrations just amazes me! Love all the puns too!

Winging It – Laura Ellen Anderson

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Evil Emperor Penguin is finally ready to take over the world! He might have failed a few times, but these plans are perfect, nothing could go wrong – WAIT – is that Evil Cat? Again?! It’s time to get world domination started before his arch-nemesis ruins everything! Looks like he’ll be winging it after all!

I spent a wonderful Saturday morning just consuming a few graphic novels, and this was one of them! This one is book 4 in the series and it took me by surprise… it seems Evil Emperor Penguin does have a heart after all! There’s something more important to him than taking over the world. All of his dastardly plans to take over the world continue to make me chuckle! I loved this instalment – these comics are full of humour and Laura Ellen Anderson’s incredible illustrations just add so much. Eugene is forever my favourite.

Prince of Elves – Kazu Kibuishi


Emily survived the chaos of the Guardian Academy, but Max Griffin has stolen the Mother Stone. With it, the Elf King forges new Amulets that will give him the power to invade and destroy the nation of Windsor. Emily and her friends lead the soldiers of the Cielis Guard in a fight to stop him, but Max stands in their way. And when she seeks information from the Voice of her Amulet, she discovers that the Voice is much more sinister than she ever could have imagined.

This is the 5th book in the Amulet series, and let me tell you, by this book I am WELL WELL invested. I want to know what’s going to happen. I want to see what happens to these characters. When I picked this up, I had high expectations and it did not let me down. This was BRILLIANT! Big battle scenes, new faces that add a lot of intrigue to the story and some pretty perilous positions for our characters! The addition of a new stonekeeper, Max, makes me very curious to see what else he is going to add to the story. I love how this story is building and am totally invested! That ending – I can’t wait to see how it goes next! This was the darkest of the books so far, but oh so delicious!

Escape from Lucien – Kazu Kibuishi


Navin and his classmates journey to Lucien, a city ravaged by war and plagued by mysterious creatures, where they search for a beacon essential to their fight against the Elf King. Meanwhile, Emily heads back into the Void with Max, one of the Elf King’s loyal followers, where she learns his darkest secrets. The stakes, for both Emily and Navin, are higher than ever.

This is book 6 in the incredible Amulet epic series, and it continues to amaze me. There’s SO MUCH going on and more than one story being told, but they’re woven and told so well you’re with them all the way. Battles, ships and new faces! I love where this is going – you are continually learning about the characters and the world. There’s so much to think about. So many questions and so few answers… which makes it even more delicious! And the artwork? Incredible. I am blown away by each book, and I can’t wait to see where this story goes next!


And that’s it for today! I’ve had a productive graphic novel reading month so far, so I’m sure I’ll be back with some more graphic novel mini reviews in the next week or so!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you have any recommendations for graphic novels for me to buy that would work for my Y6s, I’d love to hear them!

S x

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