ThursTAG: Totally Should’ve tag

Good morning!

Sorry for my missing ThursTAG last week. Having a relaxing half term was an absolute win!


Totally should’ve… gotten a sequel

Oooooooh!! I’d have loved more from the Sorrow series by Melinda Salisbury cause basically, I want more Luvian Fen in my life!

Totally should’ve… had a spin-off series

There are SO SO MANY. If you’ve got me hooked on a world, there’s a BIG chance I’d love more from it! The one that springs to mind is I’d love to know more about the world of Frostheart by Jamie Littler though!

An author who should… totally write more books

I need more Laura Stevens books in my life! She writes such brilliant stories!

Totally should’ve… ended differently

I say this all the time… the ending to A Curse So Dark and Lonely was NOT my favourite at all. I get WHY it happened… but I still think, I’d like another ending!

Totally should’ve… had a movie franchise

Ooooh. What a good question! I reckon the Pages and Co. books by Anna James would make AMAZING films – just imagine that magic on the big screen!

Totally should’ve… Had a tv series

I’d LOVE to see the Run series by Jason Reynolds on TV. It’s such an amazing series with LOADS of stories too

Totally should’ve… Only had one point of view

Hmmm… I don’t know for this one! I can’t think of a series that has multiple perspectives that is done badly (not off the top of my head!)

Totally should… Have a cover change


Totally should’ve… Have kept the original covers

Any time a book get the movie/TV series book cover. No thanks. Not for me!

Totally should’ve… Stopped at one book

Oooh. Another good Q. Erm… I can’t say that I have an answer because I LOVE a series! If I think of one, I’ll be back haha!


And there we go! If you’d like to have a go at this, please do!

S x

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