Mini reviews: the spooky MG ones!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well!

I’m stopping by your timelines today to share 3 books that will be perfect for lovers of the spooky season! I know I’ve just missed Halloween, but it’s never too late to read a spooky book!


Shadowghast – Thomas H Taylor

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A mysterious stage magician has set up in the theatre at the end of the pier, with an act so hypnotic and strange that Herbie Lemon and his friend Violet Parma suspect dark forces are at work. Meanwhile, folk are disappearing from Eerie-on-Sea, and no one knows why. There is an Eerie legend that goes back to the dawn of time, about a creature made of darkness that devours the shadows of the living. But could the Shadowghast really have returned?

I’d had this floating around in my life for a while, but both the copies I had had been accosted by my class, so I managed to finally untangle one for half term and my gosh was it worth the wait! This is the third visit to Eerie on Sea and it was absolutely magnificent! This book had me gripped from the get go (as I predicted it would – if you’ve read the others in this series, you’ll understand!). Shadowghast tells tales of mystery, intrigue, shadows and strange goings on. Herbie, as always, is brave and brilliant. I loved the threads of folk tales, the towns history and the importance of friendship in this. It’s eerie enough to be spooky, but not terrifying! Are the newcomers to Eerie-in-Sea really who they say they are?! Loved this! What a spot on Halloween read!

Frankenstiltskin – Joseph Coelho


Joining the family business, animal-lover Bryony proves to be an extraordinary taxidermist, whose tender fingers create displays which comfort, educate and astound. But when Byrony’s proud father boasts of her skill, who should come calling but the secretive King of all Mythica. Locking her away, he gives her three horrible tasks … three impossible tasks! It’s only then that a strange, sinister creature emerges from the shadows of the castle, offering Bryony a helping hand… But at what cost?

This is the second of the Fairy Tales Gone Bad series and the first one, Zombierella, went down an absolute treat with my class, so I was THRILLED when Walker sent me a copy of this second one! Frankenstilskin is a mash up of Frankenstein and Rumpelstiltkin. It is so brilliantly stitched together and tells a tale of power, greed, standing up for what you believe in and of course a creepy little magic man. I really enjoyed this creepy, dark fairy tale spin. Rumplestiltskin is one of my favourite fairy tales and I don’t think it gets enough love. When Bryony needs the help of a strange creature to save her from the king’s ire, she ends up with more than she bargained for! A brilliant story and the illustrations by Freya Hartas, as ever, are so spot on – they add so much to the story!

Escape Room – Christopher Edge

released Feb 2022

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When twelve-year-old Ami arrives at The Escape, she thinks it’s just a game – the ultimate escape room with puzzles and challenges to beat before time runs out. Meeting her teammates, Adjoa, Ibrahim, Oscar and Min, Ami learns from the Host that they have been chosen to save the world and they must work together to find the Answer. But as he locks them inside the first room, they quickly realise this is no ordinary game. From a cavernous library of dust to an ancient Mayan tomb, a deserted shopping mall stalked by extinct animals to the command module of a spaceship heading to Mars, the perils of The Escape seem endless. Can Ami and her friends find the Answer before it’s too late?

I feel so incredibly lucky to have read this already! The brilliant humans of Nosy Crow sent me a proof copy of this (not out til February 2022) and I just… my word. From the word go, this hooked me in. This is non-stop, full of twists and turns. Whether it was the fancy building, the dusty library, the Maya temple or any of the other rooms, this kept me wanting more. These kids are clever, brave and unstoppable… way more so than I would ever be. The ending made me AUDIBLY gasp. Christopher Edge is a bloody wonder and this is fast-paced brilliance once again. Just incredible.


A massive thanks to the publishers, Walker and Nosy Crow, for sending me copies of these! You guys are BOO-rilliant!

And that’s it for now! Thanks so much for stopping by! Let me know if you’ve read any of these books or if you’ve got any other ooky-spooky recommendations!

Are you a spooky fan?
Do you have any spooktastic recommendations?

S x

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