BLOG TOUR: Chrissie Sains

An Alien In The Jam Factory: a whole load of fun and mischief!

Scooter McLay’s cerebral palsy affects how quickly he can move his body, but his hyper-creative brain is a constant fizz of brilliant ideas. He spends every day inventing top secret recipes and machines for his family’s jam factory. There’s just one thing missing … a pet, to share it all with. Or better still, a friend. When a tiny alien named Fizzbee crashes through the factory window, she might just be the answer. Now it’s all hands on deck, as they team up to save the factory from dastardly neighbour Daffy Dodgy.

Alien tells the story of young Scooter – an inventor – whose parents own a jam factory. He’s full of ideas and there’s so many different inventions that he comes up with. His parents refuse to let him have a pet (he tries with a pet snail called Gary, but to no avail). One day, in the middle of the night, he hears a big crash and what has landed in the factory? None other than the most mysterious, orange alien he has ever seen. Not only is this alien the strangest thing he’s ever seen, but as Scooter gets to know the alien (Fizzbee), he realises that Fizzbee is well-trained, intelligent and LOVES jam. Perfect ay? Can Fizzbee and Scooter work together to foil the plan to break in from their rival Daffy Dodgy and Boris (her pet guinea pig)?

From the off-set this book is filled with absolute joy and delights on every page! The cover brought me so much joy that I couldn’t resist picking it up. The illustrations inside are so brilliantly done by Jenny Taylor – I am particularly a fan of the picture above of Boris wearing a sock as a bandana. I think we are so lucky in children’s books to have illustrations that add so much charm and humour to our books, and Jenny Taylor has done that so brilliantly with this book!

Scooter is a regular kid: he loves inventing things, has a mam and dad, goes to school and has passions! Something that is different about Scooter however is that he has cerebral palsy. This isn’t made a massive thing in the book, but every now and again you get snippets of how this makes things a little bit different (I’m not going to say tougher because Scooter works his way around them!) for Scooter in his life. Scooter just wants a friend to talk to about all of his inventions, so when Fizzbee comes along, he feels like he’s hit the jackpot! Finally! Someone to talk to about his life without getting into trouble with his parents.

I really liked the sense of fun and charm in this book. There’s some DELICIOUS sounding jams in the factory… but there’s also some NOT SO DELICIOUS ones! This would be a perfect read aloud story with Year 2-Year 3 or a great read for children in LKS2 to read by themselves. I can’t wait to hand this over to some children in school and see what they think! I really enjoyed it!

My Goodreads review:
I’ve just raced through this… and let me tell you, this is a whole load of fun! Scooter, a young inventor whose parents own a jam factory, yearns for a pet do he tell all of his inventions to, but his parents refuse doesn’t quite end up with a pet, but ends up with a jam-loving alien! Their rival, Daffy Dodgy wants to steal all of his ideas! Can they foil the plot from their rival to break into the factory? I really enjoyed this – I think it would be perfect in Year 3/4! The illustrations are brilliant and filled with charm

A massive thanks to Walker Books for inviting me on the blog tour for this book. I had a wonderful morning of reading and just enjoying this!

Would you like to own a jam factory?
If you could have any pet, what would you have?

Let me know in the comments your thoughts!

S x

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