S4S – Viper #1 – Snake books!

Happy #SixforSunday everyone!

How are you all doing? What are you all reading this fair (or it might not be fair, I’m not sure… it’s actually still March as I write this ha!).

HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY!! I hope the world is blessing you with many Easter eggs!

This month, for #SixforSunday, we are using very Viper/Venom/Vulture themed prompts:

April – The Viper-inspired ones
4th – Books with snakes on the cover/in the title
11th – Magical books
18th – Fictional islands you’d like to visit
25th – Characters who would make great ships captains

If you’re unaware and wanna join in with a readathon this month, please check out my post here: Viperthon announcement.

Today’s #SixforSunday sees us sharing:

Books with snakes on the cover/in the title

Now… I struggled with this one. I definitely had to use the gods of the internet to help me! Even then… it was a STRUGGLE.

Have I read all of these? No.
Is it cheating to put two of Bex Hogan’s books? Probably.
Do I care? No, ha.

Thanks for stopping by!

See you next week for #SixforSunday does our second April prompt and the next prompt celebrating all things Vulture/Venom/Viper by Bex Hogan: Magical books (something I know WELL and LOVE LOTS)

S x

4 thoughts on “S4S – Viper #1 – Snake books!

  1. Louise H says:

    I did wonder about using some of these but wanted to stick with books I had read, so I’ve only got 5. I bet there are more but because they are ebooks it’s hard to check the covers.


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