ThursTAG: The Spring Book Tag

Good morning!

I think, now that we are finally in Spring (officially, right?), I can do the Spring Book Tag.

I saw this over on my friend Charlotte’s blog (you can check out her post here) and decided to steal it. Muahahaaaaa.


1. What’s on your Spring TBR list?

I don’t really make a TBR ever. I have books I want to read in the coming weeks though – does that count?

2. If someone asked you for a spring release recommendation, what would it be?

I have only 2 answers for this: Vulture by Bex Hogan (it is SO SO SO good) and Strangeworlds Travel Agency: Edge of the Ocean by LD Lapinski (again STUPID GOOD).

3. Which two books coming out before summer are you eagerly awaiting?

Honestly? I have NO idea. ALL OF THE BOOKS. Just get out and buy yourself some books guys. It’s all worth it.

4. Which character would make a great Easter bunny?

Ha, this is an excellent question…

5. What book makes you think of spring?

I’m going to say, and I don’t know why, but Sara Barnard’s books make me think of Spring. Maybe it’s their covers? Maybe it’s because they come out during Springtime (is that even true?).

6. Name a cover with flowers on it.

*tries not to cheat and look at book shelves*

OH OH OH. Goodbye Perfect by aforementioned Sara Barnard has gold foil sunflowers on it, I’m sure!

7. Which two characters would you go on an Easter egg hunt with?

Jonathon and Flick from Strangeworlds Travel Agency. I imagine if we travelled through the many worlds, I could acquire many eggs.

8. What is your favorite Spring bookish activity?

Sitting in the sun with a book, or sitting in bed with my window open and reading.

9. Which book did you enjoy that has a spring-like cover?

The Boy Who Dreamed of Dragons by Andy Shepherd. It’s green, yellow, orange and has flowers on it. What’s more Spring-esque?

10. Who is your favorite contemporary author?

I’ve definitely already answered this, ha. HOWEVER. it is a toss up between Sara Barnard and Laura Stevens. I love them both for the different things they bring to my reading table and I wish for them both to write forever and a day, thankyouverymuch.


A massive thank you for stopping by my blog today! I’d love to know your answers to these questions – I think there’s always room in the world for more recommendations.

S x

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