BLOG TOUR: Penny Chrimes

The Dragon and Her Boy: a bit of fantasy and a lot of emotion!

When Stick discovers there is a dragon living underneath the streets of London, he finds himself unintentionally drawn into an epic adventure and a quest — but how can he find a place for a dragon to live in London when dragons aren’t supposed to exist? And with foes at every corner who want to exploit the dragon for themselves, it’s going to take a daring plan for Stick to find a safe place for his dragon — and for himself.

This brilliant novel tells the story of brave and adventure-seeking Stick. When Stick’s friends disappear from the markets, he is determined to find them. He decides to leave his other friends behind one morning and go on a hunt for those missing. What he discovers on his adventures is something he didn’t believe was possible – that dragons do still exist! And not only that, but dragons are living underground in our very own London! Stick ventures down, underground, to seek out the truth and unravel the mystery of the dragons underground!

I hadn’t read Penny’s other book and was really curious about this one. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good dragon story and there’s something really enticing and exciting about a book about dragons and a budding friendship!

Reading this was full of surprise: the characters in this book were really well written and I really liked that they each stood out in different ways. You can’t beat a good child going on an adventure, which lets be real is kind of dangerous, and them showing that they’re brave (and maybe even a bit foolish). I loved the dragon too – I think a lot of kids will like the character of the dragon.

You can’t beat a good adventure, a good venture into the underground. One thing I will say for this book is that it isn’t all roses – there are some sad, potentially dark moments. It’s definitely a book for older readers, but it’s a book that will appeal to everyone. There’s certainly not a happy ending for everyone… so maybe give this a read before recommending it to children around you! I will be curious about what my class think about this book when they get the chance to read it!


A massive thank you to publishers Hachette for inviting me to be on this blog tour!

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S x

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