S4S – Bookish hates

Good morning everyone!

It’s time for the final #SixforSunday for January and today we have a doozie! Not something I usually talk about… but today, we’ve got

Bookish hates

Now, I’m not about that negative lifestyle on this here blog (there’s ENOUGH of that in the world, y’all don’t need my voice added to the mix), but there are some of my things that I might more affectionately name ‘pet hates’ in books.

  1. When books in a series are not all the same size (why? why do you do this to us?)
  2. When books in a series are inconsistently sprayed edged (if you do book 1 as a sprayed edge, then please continue that trend my friends… us book people like UNIFORMITY)
  3. Film covers of books (big big no no from me!)
  4. When covers are changed half way through a series (again… uniformity sells!)
  5. Really bad endings to books…
  6. The amount of time between the release of a hardback and a paperback (I realise there are reasons for this, but I’m not a hardback gal normally, so having to wait is NOT bueno)

So yeah… not really hates, more annoyances, ha!

Thanks so much for popping by and reading my #SixforSunday post for this week. If you do join in, remember to tag me and I’d love to check it out!

See you next week for… ‘Books with RED covers’

S x

5 thoughts on “S4S – Bookish hates

  1. Sarah - SWB says:

    Yes, if I have books in a series I want them to match! Usborne have upset me only doing the last Train To Impossible Places book as a paperback, the first two they did as hardbacks first so that’s what I have…


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