Perfect picture books: mini reviews

Morning everyone!

I’m here with some picture books today. I am a massive massive fan of picture books and I have QUITE the collection! I haven’t spoken about picture books for a little while, so I’m going to try and dedicate some more time on here to some incredible picture books I’ve received, read and used in my classroom!


Julian at the Wedding – Jessica Love

“Julián and his abuela are attending a wedding. Better yet, Julián is in the wedding along with his cousin Marisol. When wedding duties are fulfilled and with a new dog friend in tow, the pair takes off to roam the venue, exploring everywhere from underneath tables to enchanting willow trees to . . . muddy puddles? After all, it wouldn’t be a wedding without fun, laughter, and a little magical mischief.”

If you didn’t read Julian is a Mermaid when it came out, I’d like to ask you where you’ve been and why you’ve been under a rock?! I adored the first book and when I heard there was going to be this one, I knew I was going to have to have it. This one continues to show love, self-expression and acceptance. This book is a total celebration of colour and joy. When Julian goes to a wedding with his family, he has an awful lot of fun and adventure with his cousin. I think these books are gorgeous ones to have in the classroom and the home to talk about the importance of self expression and acceptance of everyone, regardless of how different they are to you!

What We’ll Build – Oliver Jeffers

“What shall we build, you and I?
We’ll build a watch to keep our time.
I’ll build your future
and you’ll build mine.”

As an avid avid fan of Oliver Jeffers (like seriously, I own everything he has ever written), this was a book that I was desperate to get my hands on as soon as I possibly could. This has a gorgeous message about the importance of building a world for and with children that is gentle, kind, forgiving and inclusive of everyone. This book made me cry in its simplicity, but absolute gorgeousness of it: it just does something that I think every book should do. It delivers a message of the power of humanity without being preachy about anything. The illustrations and the colour palette are gorgeous – you can’t beat an Oliver Jeffers illustration!

Rain Before Rainbows – Smriti Halls and David Litchfield

“In this heartfelt story about courage, change, and moving on, a girl and her companion fox travel together away from a sorrowful past, through challenging and stormy times, toward color and light and life. Along the way they find friends to guide and support them, and when the new day dawns, it is full of promise.”

This is one of the books that I’ve read and reread the most in 2020. It was released in time for me to read it with my bubble back in June, and now that it’s come out in hardback, I’ve taken it to school and read it with my class. I adore everything about this book – the illustrations, the story, the message. It’s all done so beautifully and so gently without being a bit much. I am a massive fan of David Litchfield’s work and I want to own everything he ever draws! There’s not a story that could be more apt for the world as it is right now: we all need a bit of hope in our lives this year, so nothing could be better than this book! There’s gorgeous messages about perseverance, hope, friendship and kindness. Yes, it still makes me cry!


And that’s it for today!

I’d love to know what picture books you’ve read and used recently… because I totally need to buy more (!!)

S x

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