October in books

Hello everyone!

Here we are again, with another round up of books!

I’ll be honest, I struggled with reading in October. I was getting home from work and I just couldn’t make my brain read. I wanted to read; I always want to read, but I just didn’t have the capacity to read. That’s not to say that I didn’t manage to do some reading at weekends (cause I did), but during the week, I really really struggled.

ENTER HALF TERM: the hero we all know and love.

In October, I ended up reading… 16 books!

(That is way way more than I thought! Thank you half term!)

I read a mix of graphic novels, kids books and I even managed to read one or two YA books too! After not reading any last month, I wanted to give my brain a bit of a YA infusion!

Let’s start with MG/kids books…

As always, this is the biggest category, but it’s where I find I get a lot of joy! I read 10 MG novels this month – a lot of them were sequels or books in a series, so I obviously was in the mood to revisit places that I loved! I was very kindly sent a lot of these by the publishers and reviews for all of them are coming soon! You can’t go wrong with all of these books though! I’m very excited to add these to my classroom library because I know a lot of my kids are desperate for these sequels!

Now for graphic novels…

My graphic novel reading has slowed down slightly this month, but I’m still slowly collecting a lot ha! I’d say all of these would be suitable for Y6+. I have to say that I truly think that When the Scars are Scattered is a truly special graphic novel and that everyone needs to get their hands on it and read it: it is incredible. I know my class will be chuffed to have more from Victoria Jamieson as they absolutely adore Roller Girl.

Now the few YA books I read…

I told you it wasn’t many, ha! However you can’t go wrong with Alice Oseman and a poisoning, Karen McManus-esque YA book. I raced through both of these and I need more of both of them in my life.


My reading targets have been smashed, and I’m now just collecting the numbers to keep reading. I realise that leaving it at 52 is pointless by now, but to be honest, I don’t care ha!

52 KIDS BOOKS: 115/52

Massive thank you again to the publishers who sent me books. You guys are blooming magnificent!

How was your reading month?
What was your favourite book you read in October?
What are you hoping to aim for the rest of the year?

I would LOVE some more recommendations for graphic novels too – particularly those for age range of like 8-12! Speak to me! Remember to stay safe everyone: wear a mask!

S x

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