BLOG TOUR: Laura Ellen Anderson

Amelia Fang and the Trouble with Toads: going out with a bang!

“When Amelia Fang’s baby brother, Vincent, accidentally enters a mysterious land – the place where all squished toads go – Amelia has to embark on a daring adventure to rescue him. But even if Amelia and her friends do find Vincent, will they be able to find their way home? Or will they be trapped in the toad afterlife FOREVER?”

This book follows Amelia, who is trying to adjust life as a big sister. We met her younger brother at the end of the last book and she’s now having to deal with everything that comes with being a big sister. She and her friends celebrate an important birthday when Amelia’s baby brother, Vincent, accidentally ends up going missing in a world of mysterious toads. It is Amelia’s job to find him and bring him back to Nocturnia: she doesn’t do it alone though – she has her ever trusty friends with her to help her along the way.

You’ve got everything you could want in this book: incredible characters, brilliant illustrations and the quintessential Amelia Fang humour. You can’t read these books and not be charmed by them – I know I have been with each and every single one of them and this one is no different.

I was so sad to hear that the Amelia Fang series was ending, but this book was the perfect way to end the series. This is definitely a series I will be rereading and it’s a series that is always super popular at school!

This is the best way to end this series: a fantastic novel with a gorgeously bittersweet way to say goodbye to some amazing friends we’ve made along the way. I really hope this isn’t the end for Amelia Fang… (I’d love to see more from these characters and DEFINITELY more from Laura Ellen Anderson).

If you’ve not read this series yet, please do! I absolutely adore it… and it’s super popular at school.

Check out the rest of the blog tour below! You’re in for a load of fun!

S x

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