#SixForSunday does October, November and December

Hello my darling #SixforSunday’ers!

How are you all? I hope you’re ready for another 3 months of #SixforSunday prompts… I’m loving seeing all of your posts and it makes my heart so happy that you are all joining in. I see your posts and I love them all – you are all PROPER LEGENDS. I’d love your feedback on #SixforSunday! Have you had a favourite prompt? Is there anything you’d like to see #SixforSunday celebrate? What kind of things would you like to see #SixforSunday do in 2021?


In October, we are celebrating pumpkin spice! We’re talking the sweet and the scary. The days are getting darker, so the prompts are some scary… cause Halloween obv.
In November, I am taking the month to celebrate all things kids’ books. You ALL know I am a MASSIVE advocate for kids books, so I thought it was about time I gave up some more space to them!
December, we will, as ever, be celebrating the holidays! Presents, celebrations and parties ahoy!

October – Pumpkin spice goodness
4th – Characters/authors you’d like to go for coffee with
11th – Characters you’d be scared to meet
18th – Books that gave you feels
25th – Scary stories/characters

November – A celebration of kids’ book!
1st – Books from your childhood
8th – Children’s books that would make brilliant graphic novels
15th – Children’s books you’d love to jump into
22th – Children’s books you’d love to read
29th – Characters from children’s books you love

December – Festive goodness
6th – Red and white books
13th – Books you’d like to celebrate the holidays in
20th – Books you want to buy as presents
27th – Characters you’d spend New Years with

As ever, if there’s a prompt you don’t like, do your own thing or check out the #SixforSunday tab to see the prompts from previous months and do one of those!

Remember: Sundays at 6pm UK time, I host a #SixforSunday chat based on the prompt for that week! It’s been amazing seeing people get involved. I look forward to seeing lots of you there this Sunday! It’s not every week, but I try and do a chat at least every 2 weeks! Everyone is welcome to join us

Thank you for taking part in my silly little blog tag prompt thing. You’re all my favourites. I can’t wait to see what you post!

S x

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