S4S – Summer colours

Good morning everyone!

A second post on a Sunday? Woah. You are being treated well today. I hope you enjoyed the post from George Lester earlier… if you’ve not checked it out yet, please do!

I hope you are all well and have had a lovely week! It’s Sunday again so you know that it’s time for another #SixforSunday post.

Thank you to everyone who has been joining in this month’s #SixforSunday posts. It’s so lovely to see which covers you all are using for these prompts and how different people are interpreting things! This week, we are talking:

Summer colours

For me, there’s nothing more summer-y than a bright sunny sky… so yellow/orange was the colour I went for. Nothing better imo than the Summer. It is the season for my heart!

S4S summer

There’s some exciting #SixforSunday things going on, so keep your eyes peeled for some announcements about those coming in the next few weeks! I’ll see you all at 6 for #SixforSunday chats!

The prompts for the last quarter of 2020 will be coming in the next few weeks – just finalising a few of them, so if you’ve got any ideas for prompts for October, November and December, please shout them at me!

Don’t forget to share your post using #SixforSunday on twitter. I’m loving checking out your posts, so thanks guys! You all rock.

S x

One thought on “S4S – Summer colours

  1. Sarah - SWB says:

    Love these colours! I’ve got Heartbreak Boys and Mic Drop and I was looking at the Hotel Flamingo series for my goddaughter a while back but I think she might be a little old now, might get it for her brother instead!


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