BLOG TOUR: George Lester

Hello guys!

Happy Sunday. I know, I know, we normally only get a #SixforSunday post on a Sunday, but today I am bringing you something EXTRA special! I am bringing you a post from none other than my favourite George Lester.

To celebrate the release of Boy Queen, George is stopping by to share with us his favourite drag looks, so I’m going to stop rabbiting on and hand you over to the queen himself! 


This is such a hard post to write for a multitude of reasons! I honestly don’t know where to start because it is such a broad spectrum. So I’m going to give you a few different things here. We’re going to do some looks from Drag Race and we’re going to do some looks from Queens that aren’t (as yet) on the race, that I love! So! Let’s go!


The reason Shea Coulee is very much at the forefront of my mind is because on this past season of drag race (All Stars 5) she has given us some of the greatest looks in drag race Herstory. The one that I have chosen for this post was the “Love The Skin Your In” category, which she won. And rightly so! But every look from Shea this past season has been a total Shoot!


The runway on All Stars 2 basically belonged to Detox. There is a quote from Katya that was spoken via Trixie Mattel that said something along the lines of; it was Detox’s runway, the rest of the queens were just there. And she turned some of the most iconic looks in Drag Race Herstory, whether that be the “Future of Drag” look, or the Latex runway. But my favourite of Detox’s looks, and one that I have attempted to replicate myself is her Season 5 Finale looks, the full Monochromatic fantasy!


Surely the original fashion QUEEN of RuPaul’s Drag Race! Season 3 is one of my favourite seasons and it goes down as that pretty much because of Raja. From the second she walked in the door she was there to mess with what Drag Race had been so far and serve FA-SHUN every time she hit the runway. I say this every time I talk about her, but no one before or since has walked that runway the way Raja did. I don’t know what it is, she is just IT!


I can’t not include Violet Chachki in this list and there are SO MANY moments I could have picked for her because, again, iconic all the damn time. We all remember the 2-in-1 look reveal heard around the world (looking smart in tartan) and GAGGED over the “Death Becomes Her” runway with that tiny corseted waist and oxygen tank. But the look I have gone for is Season 8 finale Violet. I GASPED when she walked out like this. Truly a MOMENT!


Me is probably one of the best lip sync artists I have ever had the pleasure of seeing up close. Not a word, breath or sound is missed, she is an absolutely incredible performer. On top of that, her looks are stunning and the fact that you want me to only pick one feels like too much. Me is such a huge inspiration to my drag and what I do. She is a fierce lip sync artist, an incredible host and, I mean, the beauty. LOOK AT HER! I have chosen one, but you should go and look at her Instagram, and also go and see her live because GOOD GRIEF. The absolute perfection of her, the audacity to look this beautiful, I am honestly unable to cope.


Herr is one of Me’s many drag children and, like mother like daughter, is an incredible lip sync artists. She also has a mind like no other. Her lip syncs are clever and irreverent and all around ICONIC. I could very much just post a link to Herr’s Instagram and call this entire post a day because the faces she paints, the looks she turns, I am unable to cope with any of it. Her place on Drag Race (should she want it) is honestly only a matter of time. And you will gag. You will absolutely GAG!


Winner of the first season of The Crown, a drag competition that runs at Freedom Bar in Soho, Vanity Milan is a fierce lip sync performer with even fiercer looks. She was a judge in movie week of The Crown Season 2 (before we went into lockdown) and I had the sheer pleasure of seeing her up close and GIRL! She is perfection, let it be known! (Honestly, every time she posts a picture the first thing I do is make a groaning noise and clutch at my imaginary pearls!)


Okay, you asked me to pick one of mine so here is one of my favourite looks that I have done. Well, it probably isn’t my favourite but it is the look that I did for my heat to get into The Crown Season 2. I was so excited to be there and incredibly nervous too, I had no idea what was going to happen or if I would even get through. But I had the best time performing my number (a mix of That’s My Girl by Fifth Harmony with Professor McGonagall quotes thrown in!) and got through to the main competition. If we hadn’t been gone into lockdown, maybe I’d have a crown by now…


This isn’t to say that Trinity hasn’t produced some iconic fashion moments on the runway of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but this little mention is specifically to tell you to go and look at her Instagram feed. Trinity has created triptychs of every winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, All Stars and Drag Race UK, putting herself in one of their most iconic looks and it is one of the best things I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

A massive thank you to George for putting together this post! I am a BIG FAN of lots of these suggestions, so I can’t wait to discover some new drag queens! 

George’s new book Boy Queen is out from 6th August 2020, £7.99 and is available from all good bookshops. You can find him as a boy on Instagram @TheGeorgeLester or in drag @ThatGurrrlQueen.

My FULL review of Boy Queen will be live TOMORROW so come back then to check it out… it’s a long one!

While you’re here, why don’t you check out some of the posts on the MAMMOTH blog tour?! Look at how many stops are on this blog tour – George is a well loved man and this book is going to shine bright!


S x

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