BLOG TOUR: Planet Omar

Planet Omar: Incredible Rescue Mission – a load of fun! 


Welcome back to Planet Omar! When Omar and his friends come back after the school holidays, their lovely teacher seems to have been replaced by somebody much more grumpy. Overhearing other teachers talking about her, Omar decides something terrible has happened. Could she possibly have been abducted by … aliens?! Omar persuades his friends to mount a rescue mission but what they find is very surprising!

The Planet Omar books have gone down an absolute storm in my school – the kids from all of KS2 are wanting to read them and it’s so wonderful to see this series grow more and more popular. 

With this latest installment, you get another book in this brilliant series with a story that kids will love. Who doesnt love the idea that their teacher is going to be abucted by aliens and they have to go on a mission to save her? Friendship, a mystery to solve and a whole load of fun thrown together… these books are always an absolute joy! We all know that kids enjoy a school based story (at least I know the children I teach do), so this is sure to be a massive hit! 


I shared this book (as well as the rest of the series) with one of the boys in my school and he devoured it in a matter of days. Now this is saying something as this boy is not a lover of reading. He just doesn’t enjoy it. We’ve not yet found THAT book… but I think Planet Omar is something special for him. He saw himself reflected in this book: a Muslim schoolboy. I’ve shared other books with him featuring Muslim protagonists, but Omar is one who has stuck with him and he wants more from this series

He told me, “Miss, it’s good to see books about other cultures and not just in a book where you have to learn. I enjoy my life just like the rest of the characters and so does Omar. He has friends and goes to school and has a family, just like me. The wedding in this book is like when my auntie got married… it was full of busy-ness and colour! Plus he’s REALLY funny… I think I’d like to be his friend.” He did then proceed to say, “Miss, if you went missing, I’d definitely get together with my friends to find you because you always make us laugh… and bring us books” (I think the books comment was an after thought haha!)

I know one of the things that he loves about these books is the way the pages are set up. They aren’t an intimidating amount of paragraphs in tiny writing – they’re fun and they’re interactive and there’s things to look at. I know a lot of less confident readers find paragraph after paragraph of text intimidating, so these books are PERFECT for this! 

We are a massive massive fan of this series in school, and I know we can’t wait to see what happens next in Omar’s life! It is sure to be full of fun! 

A massive thank you to the publishers for sending me a copy (which I could share with my children) and inviting me to be on the blog tour! It’s always a joy to share books with my children and on this blog! You should definitely go out and buy these books… they are BRILLIANT. 

Why not check out the rest of the blog tour this week? You’re in for a load of fun! 

Planet Omar Blog Tour

S x

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