S4S – Fave LGBT+ ships

Good afternoon everyone!

How are you all doing? Are you having a wonderful rainbow time in the world of #SixforSunday this month? I’m having a glorious time celebrating books with our gorgeous rainbow characters in – ALL OF THE RAINBOW PLEASE. MORE OF THE RAINBOW IS NEEDED.

I’ve loved seeing all of your #SixforSunday posts this month… it’s certainly added to my list of books to read, so thank you!

Today, we are celebrating:

Favourite LGBT+ ships

My list is VERY m/m centric… I need you all to shout F/F ships at me cause I AM LACKING.


Jesper/Wylan – Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom

Simon/Blue – Simon vs.

Nick/Charlie – Heartstopper

Felix/Michael – The Love Hypothesis

Rufus/Mateo – They Both Die At The End

The nameless characters in Lovers Dictionary

As I said, I’ve got a very M/M heavy post today, so I would LOVE you to shout at some F/F romances for me because I don’t feel like I read many/even know of many!

Thank you for stopping by for today’s #SixforSunday post! And share your post with me… I’d love to talk to you/see your posts!

See you next week for Dream LGBT+ ships (I have NO idea what I’m going to post for this haha!)

S x

4 thoughts on “S4S – Fave LGBT+ ships

  1. Malka @ Paper Procrastinators says:

    My favorite ship is from Red, White, & Royal Blue, since I adore Alex and Henry, but that’s a m/m ship as well. Although I’m currently reading You Should See Me In a Crown and it features a f/f relationship. So hopefully that will become a new favorite ship!


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