BLOG TOUR: Simon James Green

Good morning everyone! 

Today is my stop on the Llama Glamarama blog tour and it is a blog tour with a difference!

Llama Glamarama is a gorgeous picture book all about a llama who is different to all the other llamas around him: he loves to dance! The bloggers on the blog tour have been invited to take part in a dance party challenge from Simon James Green (a little quiz for us to answer) and then share a bespoke playlist from Simon himself! How bloody fun! You can’t beat a good dancing playlist. I am NOT a good dancer ha… BUT I’ve been doing a weekly dancealong with my class. I’ve been posting a song on our parent communication portal to dance along to and then at 10am we all have a dance along to the same song! 



“Larry loves to groove and mooooove … but will the others disapprove? Larry the llama’s big secret is that late at night, when no one is watching, he loves to DANCE. Then, one day, he stumbles upon the Llama Glamarama! Will this raucous celebration give Larry the pride he needs to bring his dance back home?”

Llama Glamarama follows the story of Larry. He’s a llama who likes different things to all his friends. He has to hide the fact that he loves dancing from all of his friends because they don’t like it. He’s quite ashamed of this fact, until he finds that there are other llamas like him in the world. He leaves the comfort of his home in hope of finding other dancing-loving llamas like him and what he finds is that he can be who he wants and that he can celebrate what he loves! 

This is a brilliant book to read to kids of all ages. It has a wonderful rhyming pattern that just always brings me such joy. Reading it aloud is as much fun as listening to it. This is a super book to celebrate the power of being different and the pride we should have in ourselves. I absolutely can’t wait to read this to the kids of all ages in my school to show them that being themselves is the most wonderful thing – regardless of what everyone else says around them. 

(If you’d like toread my full review, click here: BOOK BLOG: Simon James Green)

Dance Party Challenge:

  1. What’s your favourite dance move?
    Haha! As if I’m talented enough to have a favourite dance move! 
  2. Favourite song to groove to?
    You can’t beat a bit of Proud Mary! EVERYONE loves dancing along to that song! 
  3. Favourite song for a slow dance?
    I do not remember the last time I slow danced with someone *boohoo* but I think any kind of classic ballad would tick that box for me ha!
  4. Ballet or hip-hop?
    Ooooh! For me to learn? I’d LOVE to learn ballet (I am way beyond peak ballet learning now). 
  5. Jive or tango?
    Jive! It’s just SO MUCH FUN. My class and I actually learned a jive last year for our dance PE lessons and they PROPER got into it!
  6. Flossing or flamenco?
    Flamenco… I can not floss (and I just don’t get it ha!)


I actually did have a fever at a disco once (Year 6) when I became quite overheated doing the actions to one of these songs and had to have a sit down and a plastic cup of weak orange squash. Proceed with caution.

Disco Inferno – The Trammps
YMCA – Village People
Night Fever – Bee Gees
I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross
Born to be Alive – Patrick Hernandez

Here’s a link to the full ‘Llama Glamarama Dance Party Tour’ playlist if you’d like to listen to it. There’s some PROPER jams in there! Put it on and have a dance along… I tell you there’s nothing quite like the endorphins dancing releases!:

A massive thank you to Scholastic for inviting me on the blog tour for this wonderful picture book celebrating being different and being FABULOUS and to Simon for his questions and playlist! You can buy Llama Glamarama NOW through all of the usual places. Support your local indie if you have one! 

Amazon link

Waterstones link

Happy reading everyone! Tell me your favourite song to dance along to in the comments! 

S x

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